Our inks are manufactured with the most advanced and up-to-date means of production and control.

Pioneers in the development of inks

Our inks offer excellent solutions that improve the technical and aesthetic level of ceramic pieces.

We are committed to R+D+i, which is why we are a pioneering company in the development of inks for the ceramic industry, revolutionising ceramic decoration with inkjet technology.


Our inks are divided in two groups:



Our series of colour inks. They stand out for their high intensity, stable technical properties, and high colour yield. In addition, they are superbly compatible with all ceramic digital printing technologies and have low environmental impact. 

NexaInks yield magnificent results with minimum consumption.

We provide different sets as a function of your needs:


Our original set of inks that revolutionised ceramic tile decoration. Our most competitive proposal:

  • Wide colour gamut
  • The colours match your needs
  • Robustness


Our set with the most competitive proposal:

  • More economic
  • High stability
  • Same chromatic range of set One
  • 12 inks


Based on the working conditions we propose:


The selected Nexainks that present the best performance according to specific working conditions. Proposal for:

  • Big Slabs
  • High Fusibility



Our range of effects provides ceramic tile with special finishes, contributing technical and aesthetic value.

Technical properties

  • No interference with NexaInks colour yield
  • Optimised particle size distribution for all printheads
  • Compatible with all ceramic digital printing technologies
  • Low environmental impact
  • Our NexaEffects are

Our NexaEffects are:

  • White
  • Matt
  • Glossy
  • Glue
  • Lustre
  • Reactive
  • Deeper
  • Metallic
  • Frame